Library gadget is an online based digital library for almost all kinds of digital ebooks. Me Hafijul Asif and my sister Salma Begum started just for having the interest in books.

Once I was a student, maybe I was an 11th-grade student at that time. From the beginning of my life, I was a good student. When I was 11th I felt for someone ( I mean love). I proposed to her and she agreed. Very happily we continued for 3 years. We spent a great time together. But happiness never continues for the lifetime.

Bangladesh is an Islamic Country. A relationship between a teenaged girl and boy is treated here negatively. Somehow her family knows about our relationship and forcedly they make her marry someone else. What’s more !! She marries someone else and I became desperate. That time I was totally broken. Along with my study, I could not concentrate my regular life at that time. I couldn’t describe the situation of my mind at that time, I think you can feel it.

My sister Salma has a great affection for books. Reading books was her passion. She used to read books whenever she got time. She helped me a lot to recover the situation I was. Salma told me books are the real friend for everyone. Human betrays but the book never betrays. It remains a good friend ever in a human life. Her words moved me and I started to read different story books. Within a short time, I forget everything and come back to my regular life. That time I realized my sister was right. Books are the only best friend of mine.

I have received MS.C graduation and now I am a Banker. Now I am working as a Junior Officer at Islami Bank Bangladesh. I spent a very busy life now but still, now I read books whenever I get times. Truly to say I try to manage times to read books.

My sister helped that time and now I want to help others. I want to help peoples by sharing books. I think a lot; how can I do it? After a deep research, I found people are now online minded and I made up my mind to set up an Online Digital Library.

I shared my idea with my sister and she ensured me to help. This is why I set up I have a motto for collecting and sharing millions of Books on my website. I with my Sister will make this a large collection of all kinds of digital books. Thanks for reading and Pray for us!!


Hafijul AsifI am MD HAFIJUL ISLAM SARKER from Chaitanya, Shibpur, Narsingdi. Here, I live with my parents. I am completed my postgraduate in Zoology at Dhaka College. I love the book and respect the book. My slogan “learns first and gets knowledge.” if you want more knowledge about different things, must you have to read different categories book. For this reason, I started a pdf book website.

The website name is library gadget

I am a self-motivated, responsible, enthusiastic, reliable and hardworking person.

Now I am a private bank officer.
The long-term goal is to be a good web developer and make an insurance service center for the services of poor people.
Thanks for visiting my website and reading this page.